pulwama-attack-on-crpf: Attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad terror organization on a convoy of CRPF in Pulwama on February 14. 44 young men of CRPF was martyred in the bombshell. And injured seals have been transported to the hospital. It is being reported that this explosion came from the wrong side in Pulwama at 3:15. Which was loaded with 300kg of the car which exploded from the convoy? The explosion was so gruesome that just sped through the pieces. And the terrorists of firing too many. The responsible of the attack is taken by Pakistani organization Jaish-e-Mohammad. The Government of India has appealed to the UNO countries responsible for the attack to declare jaish gangster Maulana Masood Azhar to declare an International Terror. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the link to the attack. And Home Minister Rajnath Singh cancel the rally in Patna to reach Jammu & Kashmir on Friday. In the meantime, the Home Secretary Rajiv BABA, Who went on a visit to Bhutan, has told CRPF great director R.R Bhatnagar that 48 vehicles convoy 2547 seals from Jammu to Srinagar. It reported that a convoy usually consists of 1000 of young people with heavy snowfall, the highway was opened on Wednesday. Road opening party and armored carts were also in the convoy. The attacker who had just banged in was of the 76 battalions. Estimated that it was 39 to 44 young. Convoy had raced to Jammu on 3:30 and had to reach the sunset in Srinagar. After the attack, officers of Army, Police and CRPF arrived at the spot and the spot has been sealed and alerts were issued in the Valley.


WORLDWIDE CONDEMNATION OF pulwama-attack-on-crpf

Several countries, including the US, have condemned the terror attack on a convoy of CRPF in Jammu Kashmir. Kenneth Adjuster to India has tweeted. That we condemn the terror attack. We are in the fight against terrorism with India’s PM K.P Sharma Oli has condemned the attack talking over the phone from Minister Narendra Modi. And said that terrorism cannot be justified at any cost. And that the embassies of India’s Russia also condemned the attack, stating that we condemn all forms of terrorism we express condolences to the families of the deceased. And Sri Lankan PM Ranile Vikram Singh has said. That we express condolences towards the kin of the deceased. And Sri Lanka’s former President Mahida Rajapaksa has said. The wold should continue to fight against terrorism. Maldives foreign Minister Abdullah Rashid also condemned the attack on a convoy of seals. The Bhutan Government condemned the attack and expressed condolences to the kin of the deceased. Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina also condemned the attack. And the same it is UNO Secretary -General Antonio Guteres, Israel, Germany, Thailand, Canada, Australia also condemned the attack, stating. That they are standing with India against terrorism.

MASTER MAIND OF pulwama-attack-on-crpf

The Mastermind of the suicide attack on a convoy of CRPF in Pulwama, also known as Masood Azhar. The Pulwama attack was also held pok. Which consisted of the local terrorists with its warp-woven. Sources say that. This time even the URL cap attack. Terrorists the highway of Reiki at Pulwama. It is said that terrorists had full notice of How many convoys of CRPF will be Go. And How many vehicles there are. Terrorists had all the details of the convoy. Nowhere near the security agencies were its input sources say that after the URL attack. When there was a surgical strike from the army side. So at that time, the worst damage happened to Jaish -e-Mohammad.
Pakistan has taken this step to avenge the same.

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